Senior Management Appointments

If you are looking for those individuals who are charting the course, look no further. Working across the UK, our expert search services provide contingent and retained resourcing solutions across the healthcare sector.


We are passionate about finding individuals who are as driven as us. Only those fighting the cause to affect a real difference make the cut. Our Senior Management Search services identify those individuals who are primed to not only create a real impact in the environment they operate in, but also those with the tenacity of purpose to drive the organisation forward.

Those with an intelligent understanding of what drives quantifiable results in the healthcare sector, are the ones we shine our spotlight on. Operating openly and honestly, we work with candidates who are able to support board level management in driving efficiency and growth now; with a clear path to leadership in the future.

Our commitment to delivering sustainable results is deep-rooted as we build the foundations today, for healthcare services tomorrow.


Tackling our client’s biggest problems is what we do. We are sincerely grateful for the unprecedented level of access we have to hundreds of board level executives within the industry. But this is as a result of one thing, hard work. Actively engaging with integrity and transparency, we have fostered meaningful relationships with key individuals for more than a decade.

With the unique advantage of being able to draw from our extensive, organically grown Executive Search and Interim Executive Search networks within the Hunter Healthcare group, we have exclusive trusted advisors who can provide a level of due diligence and reach that our competitors simply do not have.

Identifying and supporting the future leaders of tomorrow is a real privilege. It make us humble. It also makes us very effective.

Candour is at the heart of our philosophy, and all of our relationships.


Our Process

Our team work together as a focused and driven force. We believe that knowledge is power and always take the time to invest heavily in understanding a client’s needs right from the outset. We always meet face-to-face, are always accessible and always approachable. We know we have done our job right if you think of us as an extension of your team.

Taking complex problems and delivering creative solutions is one of our key strengths and this is proven, with a strong track record of delivering innovative resourcing solutions across Healthcare Operations, Corporate Services and Projects and Strategy.

Our approach follows a proven methodology which is guided by our core value propositions; market knowledge, service delivery and long-term human capital resource planning. And the results of this approach? A rare ability to find candidate solutions for those difficult to fill posts.

We always go the extra mile to be creative, to be resourceful, and to deliver where other can’t.

Our passion

We are not just motivated by working with the future leadership within the industry, we are devoted to it. Supporting those individuals who have aspirations of holding executive leadership positions in years to come underpins our commitment to healthcare, and the value it delivers to each and every one of us.

We are committed to constantly engaging with a broad and diverse candidate pool at all times – including those specifically with protected characteristics – to ensure we deliver, each and every time. We always do our homework, so that you don’t have to.

Our People

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  1. David Godfrey. Associate Partner. Head of Permanent Search Senior Management Appointments Hunter Healthcare

    David Godfrey

    Associate Partner & Head of Permanent Recruitment