Interim Leadership

Sometimes, the need for interim talent to proactively and rapidly steer healthcare organisations and departments on a positive course is vital. We work with high-calibre leaders who lead from the front and help you solve immediate problems.


We are all to aware of the business critical challenges that the Healthcare industry faces when time-sensitive projects are close to failing, key personnel unfortunately need to take leave and departments need temporary leadership to ensure a positive trajectory.

We care deeply about assisting you in keeping your projects, departments, teams and organisations steered positively.

This passion has led to a steely determination to find interim leadership, build networks of proven talent that can support you, our clients with delivering your organisational goals.

We have access to a deep pool of talented interim leaders across all functions and departments within Healthcare.


Our method of finding and securing proven interim leadership that can deliver on behalf of our clients is core to the relationships we form with them.

We devote maximum effort to building and maintaining a strong portfolio of interim leaders and managers with whom we have strong relationships. These close connections ensure we have a full understanding of interim leaders core skills, previous delivery record and potential cultural fit with your organisation.

It also enables us to diligently reference each individual to ensure they possess the specific technical expertise required for new project briefs. But more than this, it enables us to build something vital – trust.

Credibility is paramount to our momentum. Credible interim leaders, vital for yours.

Our Process

We choose to focus on what matters most – people.

We believe that only by offering a truly tailored approach, can the best results be achieved. Working attentively with a small number of clients at one time ensures our services are never diluted, and never compromised.

We are leading the way in interim leadership, so you can always be confident that we will always deliver.

Our Passion

We understand that every healthcare organisation has its challenges. This is why we believe a bespoke outlook is so important and have a determined focus on relationship management. By adopting a personalised, solutions focused approach, our team is working on disciplines they truly understand and have extensive experience of the formula for success.

Getting it right first time is a matter of pride for us. Working hard to thoroughly immerse ourselves into not only our client’s briefs, but also the wider organisational objectives, we are effectively placed to deliver informed interim resourcing solutions that will help drive momentum forwards for healthcare organisations.

Our People

Are you ready to take the next step? Contact one of the Interim Search team members.

Meet the entire organisation
  1. Jack Stamp Associate Partner Hunter Healthcare

    Jack Stamp


  2. James Hardy

    Associate Partner

  3. Kevin Hogan. Head of Search Property, Projects and Environments

    Kevin Hogan

    Associate Partner and Head of Property, Projects and Environments

  4. Hollie Gray. Relationship Manager Hunter Healthcare Digital & Informatics

    Hollie Gray

    Associate Partner

  5. Steve Dayman

    Associate Partner

  6. Tom Hodges. Head of Search Digital and Informatics. Hunter Healthcare

    Tom Hodges

    Head of Digital Informatics