Finance & Accountancy

What impact does effective financial management have? A huge one – which is why we are focused on discovering talented people with a very particular financial focus for the NHS and private healthcare organisations.


The financial function within an organisation underpins successful operations at every level. We understand this and work closely with clients to fulfil interim and permanent resourcing needs with senior candidates who are dedicated experts within their field.

Whether you are looking to strengthen an already successful finance and accountancy function, expand a department or turnaround financially poor performance, getting the right people in place is fundamental to success.

Working with board members and senior management teams we feed our knowledge with the role requirements and then identify individuals who not only have the required financial expertise, but those who understand the nuances and political landscapes often associated with work within the healthcare sector.

We have a thirst for knowledge, and a passion for relationships.


Sympathetically acting with authority requires a certain mindset. And this is what we look for. We work closely with a network of best-in-class, financially qualified, astute and dedicated individuals that are knowledgeable in the stable management of financial institutions within NHS trusts or the private healthcare sector.

We build trusted relationships with these individuals and maintain a steadfast commitment to understanding the challenges facing not only the NHS, but also private healthcare organisations, at a fiscal level. This means we can intelligently deliver talent that is uniquely positioned to answer some of those tougher budgetary questions.

We believe that great people can truly help mould and develop a financial function, that then in turn delivers future efficiency and prosperity for an organisation.

We are committed to helping our clients find these great people.

Our process

We speak directly to our client’s challenges and are committed to delivering diverse and creative choice. Our process of building and fostering relationships with a solid base of qualified individuals who are employed, consultative and leaders in their fields is where we shine.

We boast a trusted two-way relationship with our network of contacts, which empowers us to shape conversations and always stay at the forefront of industry priorities and movements. This wisdom enables us to work shoulder to shoulder with our clients and respond flexibility and intelligently to new briefs.

We adhere to strict due diligence and robust candidate filtering methodology to allow us to fulfil the needs of both our clients and our candidates to create a perfect match for success.

We don’t believe in compromising results, and we don’t believe in second best.

Our passion

Diligent financial management is a vital step in delivering a sustainable future for healthcare organisations. This requires individuals with a unique set of skills, personality and characteristics to maintain focus and accountability; with highly constrained budgets, varying and complex divisional costings and the potential to face the scrutiny that often comes with public spending.

We understand that you cannot get financial recruitment wrong. Which is why we are obsessive about providing the right talent, the first time.


Our People

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