Digital & Informatics

We are passionate about the difference digital and informatics roles can make to the future of healthcare. Specialising in interim management, consultancy and senior permanent positions we provide recruitment services both within the UK, and across Europe.


Innovation is paramount in delivering improved patient services. Within the healthcare sector, digital and informatics have become key driving forces in unleashing the potential of innovation and the associated operational and patient focused benefits. But technology is only truly effective if managed correctly, and this requires a best-in-class team.

We help find those individuals who can combine the power of technology with professional experience to empathetically deliver optimised patient outcomes.

Accountability is also key, which is why we ensure we provide experts who can sensitively manage data; providing reputation assurance for forward-thinking NHS, private and not-for-profit healthcare organisations looking to progress digital capabilities.

Embracing technological progression is the only way to keep patients at the heart of every organisation.


Understanding the wider importance of innovation projects to a healthcare organisation’s success is an explicit requirement we don’t compromise on. We work diligently with our clients to ensure we find the right individuals who not only understand the technical aspects of their profession, but those who also merit the fundamental positive changes technology can affect.

With unparalleled experience in delivering recruitment services within digital and informatics, we take pride in building and maintaining a professional network of leading experts within their field.

By adopting a ‘deep-dive’ approach, we place a key emphasis on understanding the types of technology and data projects being implemented, to competently match individuals who are suitable both technically, and culturally, to an organisation.

We are fastidious, and we don’t apologise for it.

Our Process

We have a recipe, and it works every time. We take the time to develop networks of knowledgeable and talented professionals that are highly experienced and motivated to excel in their respective fields.

Diligently sticking to our proven methodology, only the best candidates swim in our talent pool. We believe that a lasting relationship is only sustainable if it is built on a passion to deliver excellence. This is one of our core values, and it is something we expect from our candidates too.

To ensure a best fit for organisations, we tailor our approach and focus on three main specialisms; project delivery and programme management (PPO), business intelligence, development and analytics, senior leadership and strategy and innovation.

After all, specialist skills need a specialist approach.

Our Passion

Quite simply, we deliver what we say we will. The success of our client’s organisations is what drives us forward as a team every day – and we never stop.

We are committed to placing individuals in roles where they will stay, perform and drive improvements in services. With a constant creative curiosity, we get beneath the surface of healthcare organisations to ensure we understand challenges, true team cultures and the key success drivers to enable us to provide a best-fit candidate.

Our People

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  1. Tom Hodges. Head of Search Digital and Informatics. Hunter Healthcare

    Tom Hodges

    Head of Digital Informatics

  2. Hollie Gray. Relationship Manager Hunter Healthcare Digital & Informatics

    Hollie Gray

    Associate Partner

  3. James Morris

    Senior Relationship Manager

  4. Mandy Honig

    Associate Relationship Manager