Russell Clements

Non-Executive Chairman

London Bloomsbury

56-58 Bloomsbury Street

Russell Clements Non-Executive Chairman Hunter Healthcare and Hunter Gatherer Group

Russell Clements, former CEO of world-renowned SThree group, has been appointed non-executive chairman of Hunter/Gatherer – a company set up to invest in, build and grow healthcare recruitment companies. During Clements’ time as CEO at SThree, the business grew from twenty offices of which five were overseas, to 64 offices in twenty countries. Clements’ influence within the company is a major coup for Hunter/Gatherer and his experience will help to ensure the individual companies meet their growth predictions. Gavin Johnstone, Chief Executive, Hunter/Gatherer said:”Russell has vast experience which includes launching, nurturing and fast-tracking recruitment businesses. Put this together with our own specialist healthcare knowledge and networks and we believe the Hunter/Gatherer proposition is truly compelling and will really makes a difference to the sector.”

“In the past I’ve talked about working with smaller companies and motivated teams as the environment in which I can make the most positive impact. I’m looking forward to using my 30 years’ of experience to help a growing business, with an energetic and ambitious management team, and create a truly outstanding player in the healthcare recruitment sector.”