Our People


  1. Russell Clements Non-Executive Chairman Hunter Healthcare and Hunter Gatherer Group

    Russell Clements

    Non-Executive Chairman

  2. Paul Glynn

    Paul Glynn

    Finance Director

  3. Gavin Johnstone Co-Founder Hunter Healthcare

    Gavin Johnstone


  4. Ben James CEO Hunter Healthcare

    Ben James

    Founder & CEO

  5. Damian Tatlow Chief Operating Officer COO Hunter Healthcare

    Damian Tatlow

    Chief Operating Officer & Executive Director for Interim Management

    Interim Management

  6. Rhiannon Smith Director Hunter Healthcare

    Rhiannon Smith

    Managing Partner & Executive Director for Board Search

    Board & Executive Search

  7. Matthew Simpson Executive Search Partner Hunter Healthcare

    Matthew Simpson


    Executive Search

  8. Phoebe Webb Head of Operations and Performance Hunter Healthcare

    Phoebe Webb

    Associate Director of Business Operations

  9. They are certainly
    raising the bar in NHS

    Isobel Clements Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust
  10. Janice Scanlan

    Associate and Head of Non-Executive Search (North)

    Non-Executive Search

  11. Tom Hodges. Head of Search Digital and Informatics. Hunter Healthcare

    Tom Hodges

    Head of Digital Informatics

    Digital & Informatics

  12. Jack Stamp Associate Partner Hunter Healthcare

    Jack Stamp


    Provider Interim Management, South England

  13. David Godfrey. Associate Partner. Head of Permanent Search Senior Management Appointments Hunter Healthcare

    David Godfrey

    Associate Partner & Head of Permanent Recruitment

    Senior Management Appointments

  14. Kevin Hogan. Head of Search Property, Projects and Environments

    Kevin Hogan

    Associate Partner and Head of Property, Projects and Environments

    Property, Projects and Environments

  15. Cath Rock

    Head of Search

    Life Sciences

  16. James Hardy. Associate Partner Hunter Healthcare

    James Hardy

    Associate Partner

    Provider Interim Management, North England

  17. Steve Dayman Relationship Manager Hunter Healthcare

    Steve Dayman

    Associate Partner

    STPs, Commissioning & Primary Care

  18. Hollie Gray. Relationship Manager Hunter Healthcare Digital & Informatics

    Hollie Gray

    Associate Partner

    Digital & Informatics

  19. Lauren Virot Relationship Manager Hunter Healthcare

    Lauren Virot

    Relationship Manager

  20. James Morris. Researcher for Digital & Informatics. Hunter Healthcare.

    James Morris

    Relationship Manager

    Digital & Informatics

  21. Jack Carse

    Associate Relationship Manager


  22. Rosie Beckford

    Business Manager & Head of Compliance

    Interim Management

  23. Helen Howard Executive Assistant Hunter Healthcare

    Helen Howard

    Executive Assistant

  24. Jenny Adrian

    Senior Research Associate

  25. Will Restall. Relationship Manager Hunter Healthcare

    Will Restall

    Relationship Manager

  26. Ben Elliot. Resourcer for Hunter Clinical Recruitment

    Ben Elliott

    Relationship Manager

    Hunter Clinical

  27. Jonathan Chaston. Account Manager Hunter Clinical

    Jonathan Chaston

    Account Manager

    Hunter Clinical

  28. Carla Salles Business Manager Hunter Healthcare Life Sciences

    Carla Salles

    Business Manager

    Life Sciences

  29. Mandy Honig. Associate relationship Manager Hunter healthcare Digital & Informatics

    Mandy Honig

    Associate Relationship Manager

    Digital Change and Transformation

  30. Luc Xavier Lee Resourcer for Hunter Healthcare

    Luc Xavier Lee

    Associate Relationship Manager


  31. Jemimah Dove. Business Manager Digital & Informatics. Hunter Healthcare

    Jemimah Dove

    Business Manager

    Digital & Informatics

  32. Yasmine Robinson

    Office manager / PA to Board

    Hunter Healthcare

  33. Thomas Josling Resourcer for Digital & Informatics Hunter Healthcare

    Thomas Josling

    Associate Relationship Manager

    Digital & Informatics

  34. Georgia Patten. Business Manager. Hunter Healthcare

    Georgia Patten

    Business Manager

    Hunter Healthcare

  35. Lukas Ost Resourcer for Hunter Healthcare Life Sciences

    Lukas Ost

    Associate Relationship Manger

    Life Sciences

  36. Eniko Toth

    Associate Relationship Manager

    Property, Projects & Environment

  37. Brendan Davies


    Executive Search

  38. Melina Taank Resourcer for Digital & Informatics Recruitment Hunter Healthcare

    Melina Taank


    Digital & Informatics