Joint Chair

The Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust (RD&E) and the Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust (NDHT) are looking to appoint an inspirational, passionate and skilful person to become our Joint Chair and help lead the organisations on the next step of our journey together.

The Joint Chair will lead both organisations through this new partnership, enabling both Trusts to harness the strengths of each other and share resources, innovation and leadership for the benefit of the populations of Eastern and Northern Devon.

While the RD&E and NDHT have different histories and cultures, both organisations are values-driven and have truly incredible and passionate staff who work together in teams to deliver high quality, safe acute and community care when people need it. At the same time, both organisations understand the need to make fundamental changes to the way in which health and care are delivered in response to increased demand for services, serving a remote and rural population and continually driving ourselves to deliver safe and high quality care more effectively and efficiently; seeking to enable people to live healthier lives and to develop new service models in which patients get more options, better support, and joined-up care at the right time in the best care setting and helping to nurture strong communities that are able to support each other.

Both Trusts have a shared ambition to transform local health and care systems, working in partnership with each other to connect people, services, communities and voluntary groups to meet the needs of the communities both serve. In doing so, both will continue to provide safe, high quality services with courtesy and respect. It is also essential that we work in partnership with health and care colleagues across Devon to develop a joined-up approach to transforming the way that health and care is delivered in the county.

To make the most of the opportunities ahead and to meet the challenges both Trusts face, we need to recruit a truly exceptional and politically astute Chair who is passionate about serving the interests of the public and about patient care, who has the fortitude and skills to manage complexity, demonstrable experience of partnership working, and who is able to effectively steer the organisations in a way that achieves this shared vision. The successful candidate will be a visible, authentic and accessible leader with a genuine commitment to building and nurturing an organisational culture that celebrates diversity and operates at all levels in a way that is truly transparent, respectful and inclusive.





Date Event
26th March Application Deadline
23rd and 24th April Interviews and Selection Events