Case Studies

Talent with a track record for estates modernisation and investment.


Northumbria Healthcare Facilities Management (NHFML) are the wholly owned subsidiary of Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust. NHFML were one of the very first wholly owned vehicles set up by an NHS Trust to manage its estate.

Their current Managing Director was leaving the organisation after six years of leadership. It was essential that NHFML had a strong MD in place to take on the mantle and drive the direction of the subsidiary.


The individual need to have the requisite technical qualifications to manage a large and complex public estate. That in itself is expected, the commercial desires of Sir Jim for NHFML, the ability to leverage opportunity and change were essential.


Firstly, and probably most importantly, we advised the client of modifications to redesign the job description. This aligned the job role to the future needs of the organisation. We then took a network driven approach leveraging our extensive estates contacts to identify credible options for the longlist. Following on from here we put candidates through an in-depth vetting process before presenting a shortlist for final interview with Northumbria.


We appointed an excellent candidate from out of sector. They came from the local University and had a fantastic track record for estates modernisation and investment.

When developing the new job description for the MD of our estates subsidiary, Hunter Healthcare helped by providing example JDs for similar roles and Kevin’s market insight allowed us to make some drastic changes to the format and structure of the role to align with the needs of the subsidiary and with us as a parent organisation

Sir Jim Mackey
Chief Executive of Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust.