About Hunter

We find clean air and solve the problems others walk away from.

By placing high quality candidates in positions of authority we’re using our best attributes to contribute towards a better future for healthcare in the UK.

Healthcare is a service which affects everyone…

It’s worth the effort.

Our Way of Thinking

We provide real people, qualified to do the job at hand. We are diligent, intuitive, sincere and trusted. And we always do our homework.

We relish the stigma attached to recruiters. It’s a challenge we accept with open arms. Each new relationship we develop changes perceptions. We’re the people leading the line; being the difference when so many fail.

We constantly challenge, constantly push, constantly seek and explore the boundaries of what we think we know, we find clean air and solve the problems others walk away from. Because there’s no such thing as “it can’t be done”. There’s a way. There’s always a way.

Our team will not stop until they find it. A dozen sectors of healthcare working together as one focused and driven force, taking calculated risks, forcing positive change, sharing, building, shaping, expanding, affecting… Working at full pace in unexpected combinations to deliver a best-in-class service that tackles the biggest problems for our clients with ease.

We have a duty to assure only the best candidates swim in our talent pool. Healthcare is a service that effects everyone. It’s worth the effort.

We find clean air and solve the problems others walk away from.

Our Values & Beliefs

  • Organic

    We are passionate about building lasting relationships, which underpins our commitment to delivering the very best outcomes for our client and employees.

  • Intuitive

    We will always seek to respond creatively in the pursuit of solving business critical recruitment needs and will never shy away from a changing operating environment.

  • Sincere

    We will not stop until we have delivered, taking ownership and accountability for our business performance.

  • Trusted

    We will be a trusted partner; candour will be at the core of our customer philosophy.

  • Best-In-Class

    We are experts in our chosen niche’s and committed to the cause.

Hunter Foundation

The Hunter Foundation is the charitable arm of Hunter Healthcare.

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