Chair and Managing Director

Based at South West Peninsula
AHSN Steering Group

(Office Location to be determined by new management team)

Welcome from Chair of the South West Peninsula AHSN Steering Group

Thank you very much for your interest in the post of either the role of Chair or Managing Director at South West Peninsula Academic Health Science Network.

The South West Peninsula has a unique geography, a strong tradition of collaborative working and outstanding achievements in clinical care and research. The South West Peninsula partners aspire to create the most successful AHSN in the country, aligned to a shared, three-fold ambition:

• To become a UK and global exemplar of research participation and discovery.
• To spread innovation and best practice to make services the best they can be.
• To create a step change in wealth creation through enhanced commercial activity and employment opportunities.

The South West Peninsula AHSN (SWP AHSN) will be building on a strong track record. Our capacity for research delivery is outstanding, demonstrated by exceptional research network performance, dating back to the original Cancer Research Network. Peninsula's Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research (PenCLAHRC), Peninsula Clinical Trials Unit (PenCTU), our Comprehensive Local Research Network and Cancer Network are known for their prominent successes in catalysing innovation through successful partnership working, whilst our primary care partners have some of the best results in the country for recruiting to portfolio trials.

In 2011, the South West Peninsula became a Prime Site for the world's biggest contract research organisation, Quintiles, making the South West prominent in promoting commercial research. We have a similarly strong record of achievement in service improvement, with further progress in this area has been stimulated by the PenCLAHRC, which has worked with partners to identify evidence to underpin decisions and design effective implementation strategies. Both the Universities and the local NHS have a history of effective commercialisation of innovation, with the Exeter Hip developed in the 1970s still being regarded as an exemplar of effective commercialisation of NHS driven innovation, whilst K2, developed in Plymouth, is one of the world's leading companies involved in fetal monitoring, training, visualisation and recording.

Collaboration isn't always easy, with competing priorities across the Peninsula, but we have, over the past six months, emerged more united, stronger and better aligned. These significant improvements have been cemented by the sustained close working and mutual respect that has been fostered during development of our Academic Health Science Network proposal. Our approach to establishing the South West Peninsula AHSN (SWP AHSN) will therefore be evolutionary not revolutionary. We believe transformation is achieved via small changes for a large number of people and this will be our underpinning principle.

'Innovation, Health and Wealth' provides a compelling vision of an NHS that is defined by its commitment to innovation, demonstrated through its support for research and its successes in rapidly adopting and diffusing the best, most innovative ideas, products and clinical practices. A commitment by members to jointly deliver agreed priorities, based on an explicit commitment to evidence-based implementation strategies, will ensure that we achieve this.

We look forward to receiving your application.

Angela Pedder
Chair of the South West Peninsula AHSN Steering Group