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Hunter Healthcare's Clinical Practice specialises in providing medical appointments at a Consultant level and above to the healthcare sector.

We take a thorough approach to identifying a UK wide market of candidates, understanding the key motivators and drivers for attracting medical talent and help our clients to create attractive propositions and job plans appropriate to relevant specialities.

Clinical Search
Our campaigns for consultants and clinical leaders have been with clients that have failed to recruit medical staff through conventional methods either by advertising or using their own networks - and therefore need an organisation that can deliver a comprehensive service. The method we advocate is research led, focusing on identifying a UK wide market of prospective candidates who we proactively and doggedly approach over a period of time in incremental stages.

How we do it
In our initial consultation and briefing with the Trust we take our time not just to understand the requirement, but the broader context of the organisation, the culture of the relevant team and the flexibility the organisation has to accommodate such demands as sub specialities, research, teaching and personal development.

We create complete brief, meeting with stakeholders within the department and try to understand the local context within which the Trust is situated so we're aware - good, bad and ugly - the history of the organisation and how it's perceived locally.  

The approach we takes involves mapping a UK wide list of every consultant within a service line, whom we approach doggedly for a conversation. A market place under considerable strain translates into a candidate base with hugely demanding timetables and limits opportunities for us to engage with them in order to "sell" the benefits of moving - a time intensive task that most workforce departments within Trusts don't have the capacity to undertake. Our process therefore takes a considerable amount of time in order to finally engage someone in the process.

Post Appointment
Our method is underpinned by an in depth understanding of each sub speciality area and what the appropriate methods are for attracting individuals within that speciality. We rebrand all the external facing content seen by the Trust and support individuals post appointment by introducing them to a network of support and where relevant coaching.  

Our Partnership with the FMLM
Hunter Healthcare formed a partnership with the Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management (FMLM) in order to promote the advancement of medical leadership, management and quality improvement at all stages of the medical career for the benefit of patients. More information about this partnership can be found on the careers section of their website here.

Key Contacts

/ Upcoming Webinars

What Makes a Top Medical Director - Key Findings

“Hunter Healthcare’s recent Thought Leadership piece included over 40 interviews with Medical Directors across the country. This webinar examines some of the key findings including challenges faced and what the role looks like for the future. Viewers will be encouraged to ask their own questions.”

12th July

Hunter Healthcare: Working in partnership - Our Services

"Hunter Healthcare’s Clinical Search Practice has developed to include a range of services that expand beyond pure recruitment to helping organisations and individuals have a better understanding and control of the process. This webinar provides an overview of these processes including how they helped organisations and individuals to make best use of the recruitment process.”

9th August

What makes a top Clinical Director? - Debate

“Following on from Hunter Healthcare’s most recent Thought Leadership piece examining What Makes a Top Medical Director, this opening debate examines some of the answers current, past and aspiring Clinical Directors think the role requires. This webinar will include questions put to the floor to discuss.”

13th September

Recruitment Best Practice: Case Studies of Internal & External Appointments

“Running clinical recruitment campaigns from consultant through to leadership positions has equipped Hunter Healthcare with a first hand experience of what has worked well (and not so well) from the perspective of the individual and the recruiting organisation.”

11th October

/ Thought Leadership

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Insight for Senior Leader Series'

The next edition of this series entitled ‘What Makes a Top CIO?’ will be published soon. For further information please contact our Head of Technology & Informatics,
Tom Hodges at: thodges@hunter-healthcare.com.

Our next phase of research will explore the role of clinical leadership across the health and social care spectrum, with insights from commissioning and provider organisations. In addition to these broader questions, we will also examine the role of clinicians in the successful integration services asking, what kind of clinical leadership do integrated care organisations require?

If you are interested in participating in our research or finding out further information please contact our
Head of Research, Adam Connelly on: aconnelly@hunter-healthcare.com or alternatively please call:
020 7935 4570.

"Hunter are by far the leading firm in executive resourcing in today's NHS. They seem to be the only firm that genuinely grasps what good looks like and install the right processes around candidate diligence and previous track record. I personally buy into their values of building long-lasting relationships, with the client and candidate being at the forefront of their priorities"
Jeremy Tozer,
Interim Chief Operating Officer,
King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
"Hunter are refreshingly different in the NHS recruitment space. They are responsive to feedback, deliver to tight timescales and provide great-quality candidates, ensuring an overall outstanding customer experience"
Jayne Mee,
Director of People and Organisation Development, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust.
"As a client - Hunter have a clear focus on providing high-quality support to the NHS based on a thorough understanding of client specification in terms of technical skills, knowledge, experience and the personal qualities needed to ensure a real alignment with the receiving team and organisation

As an interim - Hunter pay care and attention in building a positive relationship. Always accurate on the client brief and responsive to my needs and preferences. Excellent ongoing support"
Janet Soo-Chung,
Former NHS Chief Executive and Interim Director of Strategy & Primary Care at NHS Nene CCG
"Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust has used Hunter Healthcare in the past year to support the appointment of a number of very senior positions, including Chief Executive Officer, Chairman and Director of Change. We have found Hunter Healthcare to have been excellent and very responsive to our requirements. They have known exactly what is required by taking the time to fully understand the organisation, its culture and longer-term vision, ensuring the candidates presented at long- and shortlist stage are of high calibre and quality. We would seek to use Hunter Healthcare again should we have any further very senior posts to appoint into. In my opinion the team bring value for money and an efficient tailor-made service to the organisation that they are supporting. They are certainly raising the bar in NHS recruitment"
Isobel Clements,
Director of People, Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust
"We have used Hunter Healthcare for the past four years and have been extremely impressed with their attitude and approach. It is refreshing to work with a growing company that has long-term relationships at heart. They really understand our requirements and they have supplied us with a significant number of high-calibre interims at all levels, getting the right candidate for our varied needs and being honest with us if they don’t have a natural fit is critical. They have always risen to the challenge. Integrity and honesty are important to our organisation and those values are reflected in the approach used by Hunter Healthcare. We have a great partnership; their senior team works hard at developing close working links with my colleagues and I look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with Hunter Healthcare"
Karen Partington
CEO, Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

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